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Drop & Swap in a 1031 Exchange

By | on 21, Oct 2021 |   1031 Exchange TIC

It is common for groups of investors who jointly own rental properties to s[...]

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The Key Players in a 1031 DST Exchange

By | on 14, Oct 2021 |   1031 Exchange DST Qualified Intermediary

Completing a 1031 exchange is not a “go it alone” process and investors nee[...]

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1031 Exchanges for Retirement Planning

By | on 07, Oct 2021 |   1031 Exchange Retirement Planning

When most of us think of retirement planning, saving instruments like a 401[...]

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5 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Investment Property

By | on 30, Sep 2021 |   Real Estate Investors

Market fluctuations and continued uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pande[...]

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Holding Period Requirements in a 1031 Exchange - Not Just a Matter of Time, Intent is Key

By | on 23, Sep 2021 |   1031 Exchange

FGG is pleased to provide this timely guest blog written By Lisa Villarreal[...]

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What is a 1031 Improvement Exchange?

By | on 16, Sep 2021 |   1031 Exchange

For many investors, finding the “perfect” replacement property for a 1031 e[...]

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Apartment Market Sees Record Acceleration During Recovery

By | on 02, Sep 2021 |   1031 Exchange Apartment Market

Apartment properties are among the most popular when it comes to conducting[...]

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Top 15 1031 Exchange Terms You Must Know

By | on 26, Aug 2021 |   1031 Exchange

For folks who are only occasionally selling investment properties, it is us[...]

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Adding and Removing Cash in a 1031 Exchange

By | on 19, Aug 2021 |   1031 Exchange DST

In this blog post we will share techniques that our clients have utilized t[...]

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10 Rental Property Deductions for Landlords

By | on 05, Aug 2021 |   Real Estate Investors CA Landlords

Many California landlords pay more than they should in taxes, simply becaus[...]

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