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Important Changes in 1031 Deadlines Due to Recent Weather Disasters

By | on 09, Mar 2023 |   1031 Exchange

Most readers are aware of the strict 45/180-day deadlines that generally mu[...]

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Is Seller Financing Allowed in a 1031 Exchange?

By | on 23, Feb 2023 |   1031 Exchange

As interest rates rise and qualifying for a loan becomes more difficult, it[...]

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Can I Defer Capital Gains Without a 1031 Exchange?

By | on 09, Feb 2023 |   1031 Exchange Capital Gains

Are you looking for a way to defer capital gains taxes? A 1031 exchange may[...]

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Understanding and Utilizing a Step-Up in Basis

By | on 12, Jan 2023 |   1031 Exchange Reverse 1031 Exchange

One of the most powerful tools for preserving and building wealth across ge[...]

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Combining Forward & Reverse 1031 Exchanges

By | on 05, Jan 2023 |   1031 Exchange Reverse 1031 Exchange

Successfully completing a 1031 exchange requires strict adherence to the ti[...]

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Important Steps to Take When Starting a 1031 Exchange Late in the Year

By | on 17, Nov 2022 |   1031 Exchange

Many real estate investors are aware of the two important deadlines that mu[...]

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Investing in Senior Housing

By | on 20, Oct 2022 |   1031 Exchange DST

Americans aged 65 and older represent one of the fastest growing demographi[...]

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A Closer Look at the 7 Deadly Sins

By | on 13, Oct 2022 |   1031 Exchange DST

When the IRS approved the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) ownership structur[...]

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What is a Springing LLC?

By | on 06, Oct 2022 |   1031 Exchange DST

When the IRS created rules allowing the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) owne[...]

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Can You 1031 Exchange Into a REIT?

By | on 29, Sep 2022 |   Real Estate Investors 1031 Exchange REIT

Investors often purchase real estate looking for benefits such as diversifi[...]

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