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Avoiding Boot in a 1031 Exchange

By | on 18, Feb 2021 |   1031 Exchange Boot

Boot is an old English term that refers to something that is given in addit[...]

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Tax-free Refinancing Before or After a 1031 Exchange

By | on 11, Feb 2021 |   1031 Exchange DST

After posting my recent blog entitled “Can I Refinance My 1031 Property” I [...]

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Can I Refinance My 1031 Property?

By | on 04, Feb 2021 |   1031 Exchange DST

It may be possible to refinance a 1031 property – but there are several imp[...]

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Tech Law Firm Turns Property Sale into a Family Legacy Income Stream

By | on 28, Jan 2021 |   1031 Exchange DST Estate Planning

Many times, the best way to help investment property owners understand the [...]

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What is a PPM?

By | on 21, Jan 2021 |   1031 Exchange DST PPM

One of the key documents that must be reviewed when considering an investme[...]

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Necessity Retail Investments Showing Resilience in the Pandemic

By | on 14, Jan 2021 |   1031 Exchange Retail

While the impact of COVID-19 economic disruptions imposed on investment rea[...]

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Overview of IRS Form 8824 for 1031 Exchanges

By | on 07, Jan 2021 |   1031 Exchange IRS

When investors complete a 1031 Exchange, they are required to report the de[...]

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Questions to Ask About DSTs

By | on 17, Dec 2020 |   1031 Exchange DST

Investors who are considering Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) options need t[...]

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1031 Exchange Basics Explained

By | on 10, Dec 2020 |   1031 Exchange DST

While 1031 Exchanges have been around for almost one hundred years, there a[...]

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Six Considerations Before Considering a 1031 Exchange

By | on 03, Dec 2020 |   1031 Exchange DST

When it’s time to move on from a real estate investment, securing your next[...]

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